Thursday, February 18, 2021

Stranger Theories

If it somehow turned out that the earth was flat (like certain conspiratorial persons claim to be the case), then that fact would be completely unimportant.
It would just be a minor detail - because in that case everything we think we know would be wrong - including things far more important than the shape of the earth.
The easiest way the earth could be something radically other than a sphere would be if it didn't exist at all, except for the small part you can see right now.
And that part would be flat. This is a Boltzmann Brain situation, we're talking hardcore solipsism here.

How Scientology could be somewhat true:
What if the physical universe we live in is not "bottom up"?
That means reductionism would be false. Reality is not created from the simplest possible particles combined into more complex particles.
What if physical reality is created from the "middle"? Both higher and lower complexity levels would originate from the level also occupied by human minds.

Science fiction stories are full of what should be profoundly interesting events, but I think they often still feel boring.
Reality is just the opposite: nothing interesting ever happens, but it's still more meaningful than we can know.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Could software back up your mind?

No one wants to die, least of all yourself, but death seems absolutely inevitable. Like an all-destroying wave, a black wall approaching over the horizon.
It seems so unfair that there is no way to extract, copy, and securely save the information in your brain.
If you don't believe in religion, your only option is some form of cryonics. In the future, advanced technology could then be used to extract the information from your frozen brain. This information could then be used to "bring you back", in the form of a human-level artificial intelligence program.
I believe that program would BE you, and could live a much better life than before.

Not everyone can afford even the most basic cryonics package, though. Having your brain frozen after you die is a lot of hassle involving even more money.
One purpose of this website is to explore an alternative.
Could your mind be reconstructed in a meaningful way if, instead of scanning your entire brain at full detail, you just write down an incomplete description of your mind?
Everyone knows an immense amount of stuff and trivia. Just open an old-school dictionary on any page to see evidence of your past (forgotten) data acquisition efforts. In my case there is also an enormous digital "Lifebox" of scanned papers and files going back decades.

But let's start with the mind description idea. There is enormous unexplored potential here.
The first step is to write down a list of the most basic elements of your life. It's all explained here:
You could write different lists in chrological order: all the places you lived, your jobs, your schools, the people you knew, etc. A full life outline in the smallest amount of space.
There should also be descriptions of all "time loop" actions, the repeating habits that form most of our existence.
Later, more details have to be added. Each entry can itself be subdivided. Everyone should write their own biography, but keep it secret of course.

This information could then be used by future Mind Extension software:
It would use the data to help plan and improve your life. More importantly, this software could also record new and deeper data about your mind.

The data could then be used to make a simple digital simulation of your whole life. Or perhaps a never-ending simulation of your future ideal afterlife.
Could such a simple simulation, equivalent to maybe a few thousand neurons in your brain, compare to the inestimable value of your full mind? Being too simple, it would not have even a trace of real awareness.

But what if the simulation is recorded and saved, and more details are added at various later dates?
Eventually, some of these details could be forms of awareness. The simulation would be slightly adjusted to create consistent awareness patterns with the character's actions.
This is a strange notion. It would be a non-causal mind. Normally, awareness emerges as an unpredictable side-effect of interactions with the environment.
It's not clear if a mind could be reverse created, like filling in details about the brain state of a fictional character until they have actual awareness.
In any case, awareness technology will be extremely dangerous due to torture risks, and will have to be hierarchically controlled. People almost as evil as Google could use that technology to perpetrate horrific abuses. This is part of what is known as the AI Alignment Problem.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Killing Xenu: A Scientology Murder Mystery

Psychological thriller by Rick Verde.
An international movie star is brutally murdered. Clearwater police department dispatches Detective Botti to investigate one of the biggest Scientology churches there. Clues lead him to an equally prominent musician. Detective Botti must find his missing daughter, and catch a serial killer whose obsession is to bring down the religious fiction that is Scientology.

The Scientology Murders: A Dead Detective Novel (Dead Detective Mysteries)

A 2017 police procedural novel by William Heffernan, about the Church of Scientology.
Clearwater, Florida, is the spiritual center of Scientology. A senior church leader there employs a young man who will stop at nothing to make sure the church's rules are followed - including mass murder. The cops know who is doing the killings, but are powerless to catch the murderer because the Scientology hierarchy is protecting him.
The detectives are stonewalled at every turn. Harry Doyle gets pulled into the case when his adoptive father is shot while trying to rescue a young woman from Scientology. As the bodies pile up, the Clearwater police become more desperate. When the Scientologists move the killer to Alaska, Harry Doyle and his partner follow . . .

Thursday, October 29, 2020

On space opera: The problem with Star Trek

Star Trek is an example of what L. Ron Hubbard called "space opera".
The reason the new reboots or resets or reimaginings ("Discovery", "Picard") suck so much is not because they are that bad.
It's because they are buried in their own past. They refuse to go beyond their origin. There are just NO original ideas.
Hubbard would say they are stuck in a past valence. Although Vulcans with sunglasses were sort of cool.

My first complaint with Star Trek is very simple: all these so-called alien worlds are located in our own galaxy (or as Hubbard would say "Guhlaxy").
That's just wrong. There probably is no other human-level civilization within a billion lightyears from Earth, if not much more.
To be more accurate, all these humanoid planets should be located a semi-infinite distance away.

Maybe you can only travel faster than light if you travel infinitely fast and far, entirely outside our light cone, to an onteleologically linked light cone inconceivably far away.
That could also explain the similarity between the humanoid aliens, or even why the aliens speak English, or whatever language the episode is dubbed into.
This was a real opportunity for "The Orville" to set themselves apart from Star Trek (or the space opera series that I have been personally developing for many years).
Unfortunately, producers keep ignoring the letters I write them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Mark Rathbun explained

There has been another furious post at the blog named after senior Sea Org member Mark or Marty Rathbun:
Based on the writing style, the blog post was mostly written by him with OSA guidance.

In this post he makes it seem like Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, and others are some of the most sinister and malicious individuals on this planet. These guys are truly devious conspirators, though he never actually says what they did wrong. It's mostly meaningless word salad with some factoids.
Rathbun also never hints about why he dropped his wife's lawsuit against Scientology and returned to work for them, or why he gave them confidential information from victims.
Cult watch experts suspect the purpose of his blog and videos is to eliminate his credibility as a witness against Scientology in future court proceedings.

Except this time he DID drop a hint about what happened to end the Monique Rathbun lawsuit.
It's speculated he bought his new home after January 2016 with money funneled his way by Scientology to get him to drop the lawsuit, and especially to stiff and discourage his lawyers, who took the case on a contingency basis.
Rathbun mentions in passing "I have been continuously employed in a self-employed capacity" during the lawsuit, and that he bought the home with money from this source. He never explains the nature of his self-employment activities, but he doesn't have to.
He writes it "had no connection whatsoever with anything even remotely related to Scientology", but he was working as a paid Free Zone auditor during that time. That did not pay well, since most auditing is generally ineffective therapy (some auditing has been reported to work for some people, especially at the beginning).

Rathbun was hired and derived most of his income as some sort of "consultant" for a front group not "even remotely related to Scientology" in its stated purpose, but fully funded by them. It has some nebulous mission statement like "the pursuit of truth". Expect high-priced lawyers to be involved.
Not one cent came directly from Scientology, as that would count as a settlement of the lawsuit, a percentage of which would be claimed by his fired attorneys. So everything was legal, if immoral.
At least they seem to have stopped paying him to make videos condemning cult critics, the most recent of which was posted in December 2017:

Monday, October 5, 2020

Post your stories about life in the Sea Org!

Or just short anecdotes to inform those who want to join later.
Life in the Sea Org has been very odd these past seven months, yet curiously unchanged at its heart. What is seven months out of a billion years?
This is a totally anonymous blog. No registration is required to post, just an image "captcha" thingy to verify you're not a bot.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Scientology Duality: Part Two

The retroactive illusion of time flying is caused by enduring its reverse.
During stressful times, a lot happens and many memories are created, so time can seem to crawl unbearably.
People experience tunnel vision during such ordeals. There's so much going on that they rarely look back.
Therefore, when they finally do recall stress memories, they still seem "fresh" and recent... As if not much time has passed at all.
Time can seem to pass very fast that way.

The Scientology Duality: Part One

What is "insouciance"?
You hear it a lot in Scientology groups working hard to fulfill Command Intention. It could be described as "mocking" any outside opposition or "counter intention".
However, in Scientology groups insouciance is always combined with its opposite. Strict conformity to Source (as interpreted by RTC) is always required. Insouciance could be dangerous in these conditions, so it needs to be balanced with something else.
The only thing in the universe that always gets automatic respect is pain.

Stranger Theories

If it somehow turned out that the earth was flat (like certain conspiratorial persons claim to be the case), then that fact would be complet...