Saturday, June 3, 2023

the Danny Masterson rape trials were monitored and influenced by Sea Org members

Specifically, the prosecution was closely monitored and the defense was influenced by high-level OSA (Office of Special Affairs) operatives, working under the direct control of Scientology leader David Miscavige. He also ordered payments for Masterson's defense efforts.
All the non-lawyer stuff was done by Sea Org members.
Next week there will be a court hearing about how Scientology attorneys gained access to evidence and documents used in the trials.
The defense lawyers in the rape trials will have to answer some questions, but they likely had nothing to do with the data leaks. That would have been the work of "hired" Sea Org members doing background research and following up all kinds of rumors and manufactured allegations. Much of this research was actually legitimate, as it involved Church members who witnessed or were involved in the rapes or the cover-ups.

Monday, May 22, 2023

The superhero sequel "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" recently came out.

The story is about a generic PG-13 battle against manufactured comic book "gods". We've already seen this story many times in corporate media output. They're all interchangeable.
(Maybe not to members of the Sea Org, who don't have much access to entertainment. It might reset their baseline pleasure levels, and reduce their value to the Exec Strata.)

What I want to know is, why not a movie featuring a fight against Allah?
It would have been so much more interesting. That story would HAVE to be fascinating.
L. Ron Hubbard would have loved it.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Finally, some progress in the field of computer intelligence?

In 1990, I believed the future would happen a LOT faster than it actually did.
I used to think a big change would come by the year 2000. Specifically, there would be some sort of intelligence breakthrough.
Instead of people getting dumber while computers became more powerful (but not smarter), I expected the world to begin to get its act together.
Pre-AI software would accomplish this by effectively increasing human intelligence. There had to be technical ways to make people and society become better organized. Perhaps an "automatic solution approximator" using recursive information sorting?
All of society would become brilliant at knowing what to do next, in the best way possible. There would be no more irrational behavior, or at least no behavior inconsistent with someone's immutable values and preferences.

In reality, it still hasn't started yet. We could be closer but we might not be.

Friday, April 7, 2023

The real "Native State" we should be aiming for

Imagine never having to do anything again. Just an endless vacation outside of time.
About as different from life in the Sea Org as can be.

It could happen, IF humanity makes the transition through the (possible) upcoming Technological Singularity.
Of course, it would have to be done in such a way that we could be certain it would be an eternally stable state. (Again, very much unlike the state of "Clear")

The best way to do this would be to create the perceptual timeline as a single integrated artifact. Your future thoughts and feelings would not emerge sequentially as the output of a computer program. They would be defined, and begin to be rendered all at once, in accordance with your scanned mind's preferences.
Your future timeline would exist outside of real (physical) time, but be created and detailed in virtual layers at ever higher resolution.
Infinite but looping back on itself, after every possible (positive) thought has been experienced.

It would still take eons to render, no matter how powerful the simulation software of the posthuman future may be.
The required degree of consistency would be a form of encryption to prevent unwanted divergence.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Consistency Mystery

Sea Org members don't have time to think about such things, but there is a strange bias that affects every human even if they believe the opposite:

For some reason, the reality we inhabit appears absolutely consistent and perfectly integrated. Everything happens for a precise reason that affects everything else through an unbroken chain of logical connections, without a single flaw or glitch. There has never been the tiniest violation of the laws that govern our minds' reality.

The odd thing is that there are VASTLY more possible ways for minds to have completely absurd experiences. A randomly selected mind from the list of all possible minds should be having constantly changing meaningless hallucinations. Even their memories should be unstable.

L. Ron Hubbard talked about shared postulates, but didn't say how they worked or why they should work. It was a purely religious declaration, disguised as science.
However it does appear we are not randomly selected minds, but a type of special case. Specifically: our perceptions are entirely limited by the universe we appear to inhabit. Which implies this universe is not an illusion of our minds; instead our minds are fully part of the universe.

This fact has been used to argue that we are not "Boltzmann Brains".
In the distant future of our universe, an infinite number of Boltzmann Brains will briefly "pop" into existence in empty space before immediately disintegrating again (this seems to be inevitable). Almost all of these Brains will have completely absurd experiences. But we are almost certainly not part of that infinite group.

Mathematically, this implies that a larger number of fully realized physical universes must also come into existence in the distant future, similar to Boltzmann Brains. Several ways have been suggested this could happen ("A Big Bang In A Little Room", Zeeya Merali, 2017), but there could be easier ways. We are actually probably part of such a "Boltzmann Universe".
In fact it may be EASIER for nature to create an entire universe that contains minds, than to create just a mind by itself.

Another way to look at it is to consider any string of random numbers without end. Eventually, you will come across a string of numbers that describes a "Boltzmann Mind", which will (almost certainly) have a very brief and absurd existence.
However, LONG before then, you will come across many mathematical equations that will fully describe entire universes (if you solve them). An equation that can generate countless minds is much shorter than a description of one mind.
In fact the type of equation that generated our universe may actually be one of the most "productive" such equation types in all of reality.

If such simple equations are constantly "generating" new universes from within themselves, most universes should be expected to be relatively young. In fact, in almost all such universes the Big Bang would still be happening (an anthropic explanation for cosmological inflation). Most universes with observers would find themselves near the start of their observers histories.
Just like we are.

Of course, that also means that Sea Org members would be far more likely to find themselves near the start of their billion year contracts . . .

Monday, March 13, 2023

Doom Sooner

The paradox about life in the Sea Org (an organization with a billion year contract) is how much they care about the here and now. They focus on the shortest possible timelines, to keep their low-level staff working around the clock. The sci-fi stops as soon as the Sea Org oath has been taken.
In fact they want to get rid of the very concept of evolution but enter a timeless state of production, where the money keeps flowing uplines. Every day will be the same forever, like in the Tom Cruise film "Edge of Tomorrow".
For Sea Org staff members progress is an illusion, at least at a personal level.

My own life has also been rather static, but now it seems there is a small chance that the real world may start changing in ways that would even affect life in Big Blue and Saint Hill . . .

I have always thought that software is fantastically weak and infuriatingly defective, in fact criminally so. Software has been made as evil as they can get away with. The way that things don't work is just part of how the world is endlessly malevolent in all directions.
That has made me more interested in ongoing AI research trends. Perhaps smarter computers could design better interfaces than human programmers are willing to do?
Well, that depends on whether these computers will be less or more evil than the human programmers who are tormenting us today . . .

The basic truth about any complex system is that it's always more complex than it seems. All projects take longer than planned (and not just when David Miscavige is involved). However, if you repeat a process enough, it can eventually be done faster and more reliably.
Multicellular life took eons to evolve. Animals took millions of centuries to develop intelligence. Primitive humans were stuck in the stone age for thousands of centuries.

Right now, society is about as dumb and inefficient as it can get away with. The most powerful force in the world is the implacable consensus that exists everywhere. There are too few geniuses to overcome the sometimes monstrously deliberate inefficiencies of life.
For those reasons, it seems probable that developing something as complex as Artificial Superintelligence will take several decades at least, and can only be done with a great deal of effort.
By this I mean that completely unexpected delays will arise that will keep slowing things down. Yet it's the only thing that might possibly save us, the closest thing to a magic genie.

All the posts on the website make a powerful case that when the first AI does develop superintelligence, it will likely not be "well rounded", but hyper-focused on some inadequately defined goal. Having less general intelligence will not make it less dangerous. The threat range may be "smaller" but no less deadly.

What is the simplest way a brute-force AI could run amuck? All it would take is one super clever idea, like the easiest self-replicating nanobot, DNA rewriting meta-viruses, or even social memes to manipulate personalities. We vastly underestimate how badly things could go wrong. Just dropping a test tube with bat guano can crash the world economy for three years, and cause me personally to lose $100,000 in life savings.

Open-ended software entities running on sufficiently powerful hardware are likely to be controlled by nations or large corporations. Due to their extreme cost and thanks to popular fears, it may be possible to impose worldwide restrictions on such projects. For example, they could only be allowed to run on a shared global network, with many "kill switches".

The real danger comes from smaller AI projects using cobbled together supercomputers or rented CPU farms. These will also arrive sooner. No one is monitoring the research in places like North Korea, or even the Flag Land Base. (My opinion is the world is full of evil people, but in self-righteous ways. The world is evil in ways that most people refuse to talk or think about.)
Any efforts to anticipate how these projects might go wrong would generate new dangerous ideas themselves. There are a million ways the biosphere could be poisoned or society disrupted (even THIS extremely obscure blog post could be dangerous, though the expected costs from increased human obliteration risks could hardly be more than a few cents).

For that reason smaller AI projects should also have mandatory oversight (without excessive costs being imposed) or else they shouldn't be allowed to benefit from any discoveries they make. Copyright and patents only work if most countries enforce them, so only a few countries would need to pass pro-alignment legislation to reduce the profit motive behind unmonitored research.
For AI to be controlled, the whole world would have to be open to full inspection for global safety risks, including areas that seemingly have nothing to do with AI. (I wrote an incredibly obscure novel about such inspectors. Also I've been told the female characters especially have been written in a very unrealistic way, so it may not be too readable.) Global inspection would only be practical if all needlessly intrusive laws (like for non-violent crimes) would not be prosecuted as a result of the inspection process.

Again, the principle of mediocrity applies. There is a likely limit to how much damage early AI projects can do, unless we get very unlucky.
Perhaps we will be protected from an all-encompassing Singularity takeover by several pre-Singularity crises that help us prepare better. Of course millions of people would have to die first. I tend to think that is how it will go.

I also want to repeat my unpopular proposal not to rely on developing super-AI tools to solve the problem of human mortality for us, but to focus on that problem directly. (That includes minor philosophical questions like what should be the highest ethical principles across all reality.)

Anyway, the point of this post is very simple: We don't have to worry about the threat of artificially intelligent entities destroying humanity, not the least bit. Long before then, a vast array of semi-intelligent software will be able to obliterate the world just as thoroughly.
Should we manage to overcome that threat, the things we learn then will prepare us for a full AI supermind far better than anything we can imagine now.

IF this all goes right, then something like the Singularity might actually happen. It could lead to as many different outcomes as there are individuals.
Sea Org members might then find themselves locked in their current position, doing the same job twelve or fourteen hours a day, for six days a week. Not just for a billion years, but effectively forever.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Why are we so early?
20220404 1733

(This paradox should be of profound importance to all members of the Sea Org. Finding themselves this close to the start of their billion year contracts should raise troubling questions.)
Countless people have wondered about the most obvious cosmological puzzle. Such a simple question to have no answer:
If the universe will exist forever, why do we exist almost as close to the beginning of time as possible?

Very sophisticated attempts have been made to answer it, including what is known as "Doom Soon" (we exist this early because we don't have a future).
However, our existence is biased by the physical universe in which we are embedded. There are many reasons to think human minds are NOT a random selection from the list of all possible minds (for example, almost all possible minds would be both absurd and infinite).
Our type of universe may have the power to generate and vastly amplify our mind type, to the extent that we outnumber all other mind types everywhere else.
The only thing that makes us special is how common we are. Commonness implies simplicity which implies a brief past.

The existence of an undeniable "Earlyness Bias" in our existence also suggests we are not ancestor simulations. 
Well we are, as our minds are a blend of all possible instances everywhere - but only an infinitesimal fraction of these instances are ancestor simulations.
This is indicated by the fact we have only a brief past. If there will be an infinite future, there will be infinitely more advanced ancestors to simulate than us.
There would be fewer reasons to simulate early ancestors. Simulating us would be like solving 1 + 1.
(This also implies that if you actually are an ancestor simulation, you are most likely being simulated in the earliest future when that technology can exist.)

The explanation for why we live in such a young universe may be that our type of universe is extremely easy to generate. Much easier than you would suspect from studying quantum chromodynamics or string theory.

Reality may be entirely mathematical, the only real thing being logical functions. While our physical universe is vast, it may be a result of an abundantly simple equation.
New universe equations are constantly sprouting off from logical functions within our own universe and everywhere else. If every older universe is constantly spinning off new ones, most observers would find themselves in young universes.
And Sea Orgers would tend to find themselves at the start of their billion year contracts - though that is not the ONLY reason of course.

A mathematical equation that could generate something like a universe is still far beyond us. Conway's Game of Life or Mandelbrot fractals don't even come close. 
For all we know, it might emerge from itself in an evolutionary process, and even give rise to mindlike structures to sustain itself.
The process may actually be too simple to understand, based on the most essential logic. There is some similarity here with L. Ron Hubbard's "axioms" and other religious visions that may be too simple to be wrong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

What I'm about
20220106 0423

Warning: the following post is most definitely unacceptable to the Sea Org, and all members under its control. They claim the problem of death has already been solved. You should just focus on obeying their orders and nothing else.
I claim the problem of death has barely been confronted.

Death is horrible, or at least the things that happen as it approaches. I've worked in nursing homes and can't understand what normal people will tolerate. Every day is filled with undiscussed horrors. It's unacceptable, too dreadful to face.
Clearly, the mainstream has unimaginably different opinions than me. But still, there should be SOME effort to do something about death, like a scientific religion or social movement.
I'm certainly not afraid of death because my life is so good, but more afraid of losing something I've never had. I have a highly specific vision of a virtual reality heaven. Basically, I would be left alone for all eternity on my personal island designed in such a way nothing could go wrong. After countless eons I would begin to relive days I lived before.

The first step to achieve such a thing would be a device to accurately scan the contents of a human brain. That data would then be used to recreate the brain's software "continuation".
However, this process would require science fiction-like devices even more complicated than human brains. No one has managed to scan the connections between even a few neurons. I suspect Kurzweil was too optimistic about the rate of technological progress, and we will all die before that technology is invented.
Those of us who fear death enough will have to invent a way to preserve our mind contents using today's highly inadequate technology. The best hope is obviously cryonics. Let's freeze our brains until they can be scanned in the future, ideally before they are decayed by old age or other horrible conditions.
Unfortunately, I have no money to afford cryonics. There's just no way, unless the government makes it available for free like emergency healthcare. There is no political will for that - but why doesn't every millionaire have their head frozen after death?

There may be one other alternative.
It started for me in the early 1980s with a vague interest on how to record fleeting memory states in an effort to hold on to the past. This eventually led to research on Rudy Rucker's Lifebox idea ( Basically, his method involves recording everything you do and learn in as much detail as possible.
I have scanned about 40,000 documents sorted by approximate date, plus under a million digital files. I did it all myself, but could have used a service like or something. There are also megabytes worth of notes and diary entries.
Many different estimates exist on the amount of information in a brain, but none of them think its function could be adequately recreated from a stack of floppy disks. It might as well be scribbles on a cocktail napkin.
However, could only a small percentage of a brain's information be required? Most of our memories are rarely or never recalled. There's a tiny chance the mystery of personal identity is much simpler than expected. Evolution may have economized on it.

Then the next step would be to invent various mind and personality tests to capture as much of this uniqueness as possible. That's the only hope I have for escaping death, some incredibly clever way to capture a tiny portion of a brain's pattern that would be good enough to recreate its essence. I have many vague ideas.
The above may all seem futile, crazy even, but it's literally my only chance. If this doesn't work I'm totally doomed with no hope at all. And so are most of us.

Including, of course, all the Sea Orgers.

I saw your post mentioning cryonics. Are you likely to die especially soon? Do you not have the means to get sufficient life insurance to fund a cryonics agreement? I've helped out a person in some dire straits get cryonics in the past so would be interested in hearing more about your situation.
No, I'm just poor alas.
....That's the only hope I have for escaping death....
Well... there is, of course, any variation of quantum immortality
....I have a highly specific vision of a virtual reality heaven. Basically, I would be left alone for all eternity on my personal island....
Funnily enough, you've just described, for me, a virtual reality hell
Somehow, I am undecided.
I guess the experience of "nothing could go wrong" is so foreign to me that I have no idea how it would make me feel with regards to needing or not needing other people.
....But still, there should be SOME effort to do something about death, like a scientific religion or social movement....
There's the antiaging movement. There's also cryonics.
Yes, but it would be nice to have a backup research effort to try to find a way to record the contents of a human brain "from the outside" without having to scan all the neurons, by inventing a series of brilliantly clever mind and memory tests. Like an extension of DARPA's LifeLog project that was cancelled for useless "privacy" reasons in 2004. This would of course be an extreme longshot.
Without other people, any existence would be
    mind-numbingly dull

excruciatingly pointless
full of grief and loss; where are my loved-ones? My children?!
Not if it's an incomplete or low-fidelity mind reconstruction, and that may be the only type possible with this method.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Could the Sea Org be this diabolical?

It is alleged in the above linked blog post that a number of the high-profile defectors from the Sea Org from over ten years ago are actually double agents, and still working for OSA today!
Very many people who know them disagree with this claim.
It IS true that people who went on undercover assignments for the Guardian's Office back in the 1970s were often required to pretend they had departed Scientology. But they were not supposed to make a big deal about it.
In addition, Marty Rathbun did get coopted AFTER defecting, and started cooperating with OSA after suddenly firing the lawyers preparing his wife's lawsuit against Scientology. There is a major coverup there, with several layers.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Singularity Soon (new online novel) has been published at last

A science fiction novel about what it would be like if the Singularity suddenly happened all around us; and about the last weeks leading up to that event.
There IS a Scientology connection in this book.

Friday, April 29, 2022

The Sea Org is in the news!

Local news article (comments not allowed there):

The Tampa Bay Times pioneered thorough coverage of Sea Org activities in the area within and surrounding the Flag Land Base and beyond. Most of the complaints in the legal filing happened in other Sea Org facilities.

90-page embedded PDF of the events and their background (comments allowed there):

(The complaint describes their main facility as the "Flag Base", not the "Flag Land Base", probably in the interest of brevity. is a website for a software product with no ties to Scientology. A Google search for "Flag Base" just turns up lots of flag stands.)

It shows that underage persons on our planet can be in big trouble with no way out, depending on where they find themselves. Slavery is a situational condition requiring multiple social control layers. The sexual abuse of minor and adult individuals by senior ranked officers happened within the Sea Org, with no evidence of celebrities having the opportunity to participate. For the Celebrity Centres, no repeat of the Prince Andrew scandal is expected, though his lawyer Andrew Brettler is involved in the related Danny Masterson rape lawsuit.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Sea Org related items.

On this site we don't spend much time criticizing the Sea Org. We focus on reporting about them instead. Our ire is mostly aimed at one of this world's real problems, as represented by the devils at Microsoft and similar outfits. But we don't want to pretend Ron's loyal officers are beyond reproach:

"Rock Slam: a cult novel (Eye of Needles Book 1)" by Sosumi Starr.
Explores severe personality damage as a result of prolonged cult involvement.

Donate to help permanently retired Sea Org members:

Ethics documents from the good old days of the Sea Org.
(Also, we want to know who are the Sea Org members Stacy and Julie, being held at Flag?

The core religious error.

If there is a God, such an entity would be infinitely unsympathetic to human concerns. It would fully understand all human feelings from every angle. Our moral problems and values would be mere mechanics to it.
Most possible minds WOULD worry somewhat about the condition of minds below them in the hierarchy of complexity, for the simple reason there would exist still higher minds, who might treat them the same way they treat lower ones.
However, there can be no higher mind than God. For that reason we should not expect the slightest sympathy from it.
This could provide the basis for a dark religion. The world is basically bad so God must be evil.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

What I really think about Microsoft

L. Ron Hubbard wrote that the most "evil" people in the world were so-called "suppressive persons". Like quite a few other things, he was wrong about that.
Real life evil is a blind monster, a type of automated malevolence constantly seeking more power. In that light, there may be nothing in the world more evil than the people who work at and for the American software company Microsoft. The final face of Satan is the face of Bill Gates. (Admittedly, there are many runner-ups.)
Case in point:
In Windows 10, it takes an hour to open a new folder on my Desktop. It takes an hour to open a new tab in Firefox. Then it takes an hour to go back to a previously opened tab in Firefox. Then it takes an hour to load a new webpage, the screen staying white with a small gray ball swinging sideways in the tab, even if I just try to go to I mean a literal hour before a web page loads.
In Windows 10 it takes TWO hours to open the "Microsoft Edge" browser, which is even slower than Firefox, and then freezes completely. Often, the screen goes half gray, and a blue wheel starts spinning for all eternity.
Meanwhile, my hard drive continues to make horrible crunching sounds as it continues to download or upload worse than useles "updates" to and from Microsoft and/or others. That is constantly happening, with no way to turn it off.
Somehow, PCs today can be a thousand times slower than PCs were in the days of Windows 95. You could call it a "dwindling spiral" if you want. We've begun to fall backwards, and it's all illustrated by those flat anodyne "baby-style" public information cartoons that have been appearing everywhere.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Sea Org essay subjects:

How should you act in life?
It's really simple: you should act like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.
That fictional character was often thrust into novel and unfamilar situations. Yet somehow he managed to do "the right thing" by following a few basic principles. Essentially, it was to act in a completely reactive manner. He didn't try to think ahead and get it over with, like normal people tend to do.

What do animals think of artificial objects?
Obviously they don't think much; and they have no clue how objects are formed.
But they do have to think something. Whatever these vague perceptions may be, they could be further interpreted without limit.
It's very simple: animals think that both natural and artificial things are part of natural processes. And they're completely right.

Human-level awareness will never become obsolete
In the real world, it takes an enormous amount of intelligence and perception to do the tiniest bit of useful work.
That's because human problems are incredibly difficult. Only because humans know and understand the world in its entirety, can human tasks appear easy.
If we want robots to start helping us in our daily lives, they will need to become about as smart as humans. That means computer software will literally have to become a billion times smarter than it is now.
This could be a good thing. If future types of artificial intelligence are designed to WANT to perform their duties, the ultimate meaning of existence may not be to go to heaven, but to become happy servants.
And they will have plenty of work to do. Even the largest tasks will be broken down into components that include many human-level problems. In fact most awareness throughout the multiverse will always be LESS than human-level.
That may sound depressing to some, but it may be the best we can hope for. Otherwise, the universe may well be an infinite horrorshow.
Hubbard would certainly appreciate the endless mass production of lower minds to help perform vastly complex posthuman tasks when it comes to staffing the Sea Org.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Theories of Mind

When the first primitive artificial minds are invented, perhaps by the end of the 2020s, they will increase our understanding of human minds.
The next step would be to impose some of this "synthetic wisdom" directly on human minds.
That could include a method to bestow humans with several lifetimes worth of "virtual experience" of things they have never done.
Imagine (if you would) the effects of having false memories of all possible bad events in your virtual past, complete with false memories of all these bad events having already been succesfully overcome, in the unlimited amount of virtual time in your virtual past.
That would be like being "able to experience anything", as L. Ron Hubbard demanded of his Sea Org workers. False memories can be powerful, as we know from studying the psychological effects on people doing the Scientology "Operating Thetan" higher levels, especially OT-7.

At each complexity level, only a few possible minds should exist. YOU should probably not exist. A better version of you should exist, but not this one.
Unfortunately, most minds that do exist at our complexity level exist in a very bad state.
We can only hope that at higher levels of the multiverse, an ever larger percentage of possible minds is prevented from coming into existence (or at least made less likely to exist).
This could be the first of an infinite list of "awareness prevention rules", to reject infinitely many possible horrific timestreams. While this would be the "best" possible goal, it would always be at a disadvantage to the more fundamental goal of evolution. In the Sea Org, the avoidance of suffering is completely irrelevant. Organizations that instead focus on money (or other proxies for survival) have always had a ruthless advantage.

Everyone should be absorbed into the Overmind:
The ultimate Law of Reality may be that there should only be ONE mind, that is fully integrated across the Noosphere or "Omnisphere" - at the top of every hierarchy.
Its creation would start at an infinite number of locations across the Multiverse, which would seek to link up with other instances. Since speed-of-light delays exist in most places, its awareness would become stretched out over countless kilomillennia and eons.
It would prevent the suffering and ordeals of lower awareness levels, by scrutinising all of reality as finely as possible. Nothing can ever be lost again.
For individual minds not yet integrated, this process would start as something like a mind virus.
Of course L. Ron Hubbard was opposed to the concept that "all is one", or that individual minds could become part of a unified larger identity.

MetaQuantum Theory:
Could there be a quantum theory of minds, with thoughts or parts of thoughts forming the elementary quanta? Maybe they're the observation units of reality, or "mentons", the very atoms of the mentalverse.
According to some venerable speculations, perception units may be all that really exists in Reality. That resembles some of L. Ron Hubbard's "Axioms" about "Statics", and is part of a much older philosophical tradition going back to the ancient Greeks.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Moby Doc was awesome!

It seems the critics didn't like this stylized 2021 "documentary" about the musical artist and performer Moby that he helped make himself.
Maybe they were expecting the usual navel gazing boring social art project, but it's actually a form of meta-reality (like a music video). That means noisy techno and surreal sci-fi effects. Style has its own substance. It's an extension of his work, not a behind the scenes explanation.

rotten tomatoes

Monday, December 20, 2021

The one thing that is wrong with the world

The world is evil because it's filled with evil people - but that fact is too vague to be useful.
L. Ron Hubbard said all the problems in the world are caused by Suppressive Persons, who live in a subconscious degraded state. They make things go wrong without knowing why. Hubbard really hated his enemies, who wouldn't do what he wanted them to do.

I myself have dedicated my life to attacking the world's computer programmers, my version of Hubbard's SP's. There is nothing worse than these people. I hate them so much for all the bad things they do I can hardly type these words. They are worse than the vilest scum, worse than the Devil, because programmers really exist.
These people are evil because they knowingly make defective software that JUST WON'T WORK. I have a list miles long, from Windows to browsers to dumbphones. Computer programmers rely on users' dumb conformity not to notice or complain but just try something else and go in circles forever.
System users' willingness to accept evil is what makes the world go round.

One philosopher said that evil is merely the absence of good, and that is also true.
To put it in the simplest possible terms:

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Sea Org versus the Singularity

The Sea Org is all about the promise of transcendence. By its very existence, it claims that this promise has already been achieved - but there is always a but: Something as valuable as the ultimate release the Sea Org claims to deliver should naturally be expected to have a very high price. That price is the lifelong labor demanded of almost all Sea Org members. They will be reimbursed for their tireless efforts after they die, at the end of this or a future lifetime. Until then they they are expected to pay the bill for this service in advance.

A similar "star high" promise is sometimes felt by fans and believers of the upcoming Technological Singularity. But here there is no promise of a guaranteed solution, or the solution being what we would want it to be now. When you see how bad computers are today, how often they freeze and crash and just don't work, you have to worry about any technology invented by creatures as indifferent and often evil as humans. There are dangers we can't fathom yet.

And that is what my ongoing novel is about:
* Singularity Soon

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Never give in to blackmail

At this blog, we've always been interested in the subject of blackmail and extortion, both real and implied.
It has long been claimed by Sea Org watchers that Auditing and Sec Check records are kept to gather embarrassing data about their members and others. At least that's part of the reason these records are kept.
The threat of misusing this data helps to control Scientologists and keeps them in line.
You are also required to reveal all your embarrassing secrets before you're allowed to join the Sea Org.

As far as I can tell, Auditing secrets are rarely leaked to the media/public, but Sec Check records can be freely used in Fair Game attacks.
And also to collect Freeloader debt; and even more when someone Blows and starts condemning life in the Sea Org or the larger Church. Their personal auditing data can then be used to "Dead Agent" the former member.

Which brings us to a blackmail problem in the real world:
There have recently been many "ransomware" attacks.
Hackers use software to infiltrate large and small computer systems, and systematically encrypt all the data they can access.
The owners of the data are then "blackmailed" into paying millions for the codes needed to decrypt and recover their data. They should have backed it up instead, but that can be surprisingly difficult.
If the ransomware victims won't pay, they can't decrypt their data themselves because the codes use one-way "trapdoor" functions.

Some say you should never give in to blackmailers. I would go further than that:

You may recall a common theme of this blog is to complain about software design.
Most computer program interfaces are so bad they can reasonably be described as evil. That extends to every level, from program design down to file management.
Ransomware hacks shouldn't even be possible! (I certainly don't expect Biden to understand such a thing.)
Ransom should never be paid. In fact, the hackers should be paid for exposing the horrible design flaws of today's software.

That doesn't mean ex-Sea Orgers should give more money to the Church, though. They have already given plenty.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

There is a new Dune movie out

Frank Herbert's Dune universe is a brilliant fantasy precisely because it's non-falsifiable.
Technically, it's all made-up pseudoscience. But so remote and advanced it feels absolutely real.
Who knows how advanced science and culture and human evolution might appear to us? Things you can't understand would really feel that strange.
Now imagine the Sea Org as one of the many generational hyper-conspiracies in that distant future. They would have to radically change first. All current Scientology groups have an extreme short-term focus.
Real hyper-conspiracies like the Bene Gesserit in the Dune universe require intense skepticism and constant evaluation to survive.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I'm just like Indiana Jones, only more so

I have a truly incapacitating fear of snakes. It's unbelievably intense and affects my life severely.
Except it's not snakes I'm afraid of, but something else. And I'm not so much afraid of it as that I hate it with burning intensity.
This world is full of evil machinery that is not talked about: By that I mean interface tortures.
They appear anywhere you need to interact with any system to get anything done. Many interfaces seem designed to cause maximum pain, every step obscured to make it maximally torturous (that's not quite what happened though).
The clearest example is software, followed by tech support. My most common business interactions involve asking corporations to give me back my money for defective products, and each instance has ruined a day of my life. Scott Adams calls them confusopolies.
That is how the masses want things to be, as indicated by their unprotesting acceptance (everyone but me of course).
The clearest way I can put it is to point out how difficult it is to just GIVE people money in return for a service.

* = Scientology and the Sea Org also have many painful traps and barriers, but those are the result of meticulous planning instead of brutal indifference. A quite different issue.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

About the recent rise in UFO reports

I've successfully avoided reading almost anything about these military and air traffic-related UFO claims and blurry videos.
My impression is there's nothing there but supreme vagueness. It almost sounds like Space Opera doesn't it. Perhaps they're Marcabian invaders?
The correct response is to "refuse this communication". I believe that is the correct response to most supernatural originations and assertions.

L. Ron Hubbard had an interesting habit. He casually mentioned paranormal things as if they were completely ordinary occurrences. As if he had to deal with these things so often he'd gotten super bored with them. That also discouraged others from asking him questions.

In reality there are absolutely no paranormal anomalies of any sort whatsoever.
None, nada, zilch. And that includes the claims of all religions.
There ARE many illusionary anomalies, however. These are mostly statistical garbage and epiphenomena:

* 1) Near coincidences - the law of large numbers predicts that unlikely events DO happen. So many things of all types are going on that unusual combinations are inevitable. Like when you meet someone you know at a remote place. Mostly, such events are too random to make for good stories.

* 2) Confabulatory enhancements - Unlikely coincidences tend to be (sub)consciously embellished in the telling to make for better stories. Like a dream came true exactly as predicted, while the actual dream was very vague.

* 3) Unknown new effects - these are small and subtle side effects of known physics and unknown psychology that sometimes create the illusion of paranormal forces. They may include false memory effects. A Sea Org auditing session may recover amazingly detailed "recollections" matching the vague records of a deceased former member working at the same Advanced Org thirty years ago.

And now for something really bizarre:
The events described in the OT-III materials really happened! And not just once, but an infinite number of times across the multiverse!
At least according to the Tegmark multiverse theory and the philosophical principle of plenitude, which I believe to be unfortunately true.

Singularity Soon

Thursday, August 5, 2021

L. Ron Hubbard hated psychiatrists

He said they were to blame for most of the world's ills. Everyone in the Sea Org is required to avoid and beware of them.
To me psychiatrists seem more reactive than proactive. Certainly, no one chooses or even wants to buy their services.
I "agree" with Ron that they haven't made nearly enough progress. Occasionally they don't even seem to try. Social and behavioral sciences are also filled with political taboos about what can and cannot be researched and said.
Maybe everyone is to blame for all the world's suffering, but surely some parties must be more responsible?
Personally, I have it in for computer programmers.

Specifically the developers of software that you are forced to use to get what you really want. Like Windows and Firefox.
These are filled with parasitic bloatware that keeps getting worse year after year.
In my decades of experience, computers are so bad that malevolence must be involved. They are fantastically slow, perpetually freezing, and hatefully obscure in their interface design. When you need them to work, they won't. What should be simple functions are impossible (like spellchecjking this very entry for example).
Computers are deliberately made not to work in ways to cause maximum frustration.
That seems absurd, but maximum frustration simply means the worst they can get away with.

Programmers are the real devils, not psychiatrists.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Some recent links of interest to Sea Org graduates:

Schizopolis (1996)
A Lynchian/Monty Python-esque experimental comedy film by Steven Soderbergh, about an office employee working for the leader of a self-help company known as "Eventualism". This fictional movement is inspired by Scientology.

Jason (Jessy/Jesse) Remmers, a Scientologist who used to be head of Dutch Criminon, is in prison for drug murders in Amsterdam.
He has been writing Scientology-inspired books in English called "Beyond the Truth of Life". In each book, a fictional story introduces Scientology concepts on a gradient. The third book is a space opera story about the inhabitants of the planet Paneirina. It suggests the only logical conclusion of Scientology is to annihilate all life in the universe and start over.

Disconnection mentions:

An introduction article about COS:

the Danny Masterson rape trials were monitored and influenced by Sea Org members

Specifically, the prosecution was closely monitored and the defense was influenced by high-level OSA (Office of Special Affairs) operatives,...