Sunday, May 16, 2021

Space Opera: is there life "out there"?

"Right wing" creationists say life is supremely unlikely, statistically speaking.
"Left wing" creationists say almost the exact opposite. They thinks there is abundant life - and it is generally compatible with southern California values (left wing creationists tend to work for Star Trek).
The universe allows life to evolve at least as far as it did on Earth. That implies there must be a VAST amount of less advanced and/or sub-life in the universe.
None of this is mentioned in Hubbard's works. Hubbard could be called a "squirrel" left wing creationist: he made many fantastical claims in passing, as if they were the most mundane things. Ray guns, space buggies, star cruisers; hardly worth mentioning really. Equations fill blackboards the size of barn doors, but they're just squiggles that can be conquered by squinting.
Paradoxically, that made him sound more believable to many of his followers.

* There seems to be a lot of controversy about Scientology social media accounts

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