Friday, June 4, 2021

Are we living in one of the most boring periods in human history?

We're stuck in a false stability. Basically, all real news has stopped for now. This might be a permanent fade-out, a rising nothingness to oblivion.
9/11 was so devastating because it was an ending not a beginning. People sensed it was the end of news as they knew it, right from the start.
Progress is actually incredibly slow, due to human decisions rather than human limitations (no one or nothing is more evil than the people at Microsoft, but that's another story). All the amazing breakthroughs that were hyped are real, but these things already existed in simpler forms surprisingly long ago, like how deep learning is based on layered perceptrons, and high speed robots aren't necessarily faster than mass production assembly lines a century ago.
Change, however, does not have to be slow. Right now, all efforts are made to prevent change at the top by destabilizing the bottom of society. So far it seems to be working.
Scientology media organs like Freedom magazine pretend to condemn the symptoms of this trend that are permitted to be criticized (opiod addiction, rising crime, rising ethnic/racial/religious activism among whites) to increase donations from those who are least affected. They make sure all their criticism is politically correct and maximally conformist, but their secret purpose is to cause total change.

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  1. Yes we are! Come on someone do something.


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