Friday, June 4, 2021

Before you're allowed to make movies . . .

Scientology films are made at Golden Era Productions on the high-security Gold Base facility in Hemet, CA; and at the more visible but equally locked-down Scientology Media Productions center in Hollywood, CA. These are both believed to be Sea Org bases.
The extras used in their films are NOT Scientologists, but paid outsider actors. They used to cast their own members in their movies, but their films had to be reshot if even a single cast member left Scientology.
When they advertise for actors, they make it clear it's a "non-union" (SAG-AFTRA) production.
SAG-AFTRA is a cartel that decides who is and isn't allowed to make movies.
With their government and showbiz connections, Scientology is exempt from having to use them, but other businesses are not so lucky.
For example:
SAG only allows students at "accredited" colleges or universities to make student films.
"Diversity-in-Casting Incentive":
Low budget projects are allowed to increase their production cost from $700k to $950k if they give over 50% of roles and cast work days to "protected groups" (non-whites, women, socially disadvantaged).


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