Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Holy crap does this book suck!!!

Let me not be mad: my story of unraveling minds
by A. K. Benjamin (2019)

This non-fiction book is highly praised by the UK media establishment. It includes a series of subjective anonymized case reports about various brain damaged patients.
Despite the title, it is NOT about madness/insanity, or eccentric behavior, or what Hubbard would call Type 3 PTS behavior.
He criticized all psychiatric treatments for being diabolical, but this book unintentionally implies they just prolong suffering.
Supposedly, it is about problems in neuropsychology and the "treatment" of brain diseases. These conditions seem to be worse than death, but that is not discussed in the book. It also doesn't disuss the biological or clinical or philosophical nature of these horrors. Any solution would require extremely advanced insights and technology not yet invented.
I'm sorry to say it appears to be worse than useless. Hubbard has been criticized for making grandiose promises and for his endless false optimism. This book is the other extreme. It just wallows in ennui covered with literary erudition.
This is the face of the current mainstream, the Midwit System.
* https://www.amazon.com/Let-Me-Not-Mad-Unraveling/dp/1524744387

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