Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I'm just like Indiana Jones, only more so

I have a truly incapacitating fear of snakes. It's unbelievably intense and affects my life severely.
Except it's not snakes I'm afraid of, but something else. And I'm not so much afraid of it as that I hate it with burning intensity.
This world is full of evil machinery that is not talked about: By that I mean interface tortures.
They appear anywhere you need to interact with any system to get anything done. Many interfaces seem designed to cause maximum pain, every step obscured to make it maximally torturous (that's not quite what happened though).
The clearest example is software, followed by tech support. My most common business interactions involve asking corporations to give me back my money for defective products, and each instance has ruined a day of my life. Scott Adams calls them confusopolies.
That is how the masses want things to be, as indicated by their unprotesting acceptance (everyone but me of course).
The clearest way I can put it is to point out how difficult it is to just GIVE people money in return for a service.

* = Scientology and the Sea Org also have many painful traps and barriers, but those are the result of meticulous planning instead of brutal indifference. A quite different issue.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

About the recent rise in UFO reports

I've successfully avoided reading almost anything about these military and air traffic-related UFO claims and blurry videos.
My impression is there's nothing there but supreme vagueness. It almost sounds like Space Opera doesn't it. Perhaps they're Marcabian invaders?
The correct response is to "refuse this communication". I believe that is the correct response to most supernatural originations and assertions.

L. Ron Hubbard had an interesting habit. He casually mentioned paranormal things as if they were completely ordinary occurrences. As if he had to deal with these things so often he'd gotten super bored with them. That also discouraged others from asking him questions.

In reality there are absolutely no paranormal anomalies of any sort whatsoever.
None, nada, zilch. And that includes the claims of all religions.
There ARE many illusionary anomalies, however. These are mostly statistical garbage and epiphenomena:

* 1) Near coincidences - the law of large numbers predicts that unlikely events DO happen. So many things of all types are going on that unusual combinations are inevitable. Like when you meet someone you know at a remote place. Mostly, such events are too random to make for good stories.

* 2) Confabulatory enhancements - Unlikely coincidences tend to be (sub)consciously embellished in the telling to make for better stories. Like a dream came true exactly as predicted, while the actual dream was very vague.

* 3) Unknown new effects - these are small and subtle side effects of known physics and unknown psychology that sometimes create the illusion of paranormal forces. They may include false memory effects. A Sea Org auditing session may recover amazingly detailed "recollections" matching the vague records of a deceased former member working at the same Advanced Org thirty years ago.

And now for something really bizarre:
The events described in the OT-III materials really happened! And not just once, but an infinite number of times across the multiverse!
At least according to the Tegmark multiverse theory and the philosophical principle of plenitude, which I believe to be unfortunately true.

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