Saturday, February 26, 2022

Sea Org essay subjects:

How should you act in life?
It's really simple: you should act like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.
That fictional character was often thrust into novel and unfamilar situations. Yet somehow he managed to do "the right thing" by following a few basic principles. Essentially, it was to act in a completely reactive manner. He didn't try to think ahead and get it over with, like normal people tend to do.

What do animals think of artificial objects?
Obviously they don't think much; and they have no clue how objects are formed.
But they do have to think something. Whatever these vague perceptions may be, they could be further interpreted without limit.
It's very simple: animals think that both natural and artificial things are part of natural processes. And they're completely right.

Human-level awareness will never become obsolete
In the real world, it takes an enormous amount of intelligence and perception to do the tiniest bit of useful work.
That's because human problems are incredibly difficult. Only because humans know and understand the world in its entirety, can human tasks appear easy.
If we want robots to start helping us in our daily lives, they will need to become about as smart as humans. That means computer software will literally have to become a billion times smarter than it is now.
This could be a good thing. If future types of artificial intelligence are designed to WANT to perform their duties, the ultimate meaning of existence may not be to go to heaven, but to become happy servants.
And they will have plenty of work to do. Even the largest tasks will be broken down into components that include many human-level problems. In fact most awareness throughout the multiverse will always be LESS than human-level.
That may sound depressing to some, but it may be the best we can hope for. Otherwise, the universe may well be an infinite horrorshow.
Hubbard would certainly appreciate the endless mass production of lower minds to help perform vastly complex posthuman tasks when it comes to staffing the Sea Org.

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