Sunday, February 13, 2022

Theories of Mind

When the first primitive artificial minds are invented, perhaps by the end of the 2020s, they will increase our understanding of human minds.
The next step would be to impose some of this "synthetic wisdom" directly on human minds.
That could include a method to bestow humans with several lifetimes worth of "virtual experience" of things they have never done.
Imagine (if you would) the effects of having false memories of all possible bad events in your virtual past, complete with false memories of all these bad events having already been succesfully overcome, in the unlimited amount of virtual time in your virtual past.
That would be like being "able to experience anything", as L. Ron Hubbard demanded of his Sea Org workers. False memories can be powerful, as we know from studying the psychological effects on people doing the Scientology "Operating Thetan" higher levels, especially OT-7.

At each complexity level, only a few possible minds should exist. YOU should probably not exist. A better version of you should exist, but not this one.
Unfortunately, most minds that do exist at our complexity level exist in a very bad state.
We can only hope that at higher levels of the multiverse, an ever larger percentage of possible minds is prevented from coming into existence (or at least made less likely to exist).
This could be the first of an infinite list of "awareness prevention rules", to reject infinitely many possible horrific timestreams. While this would be the "best" possible goal, it would always be at a disadvantage to the more fundamental goal of evolution. In the Sea Org, the avoidance of suffering is completely irrelevant. Organizations that instead focus on money (or other proxies for survival) have always had a ruthless advantage.

Everyone should be absorbed into the Overmind:
The ultimate Law of Reality may be that there should only be ONE mind, that is fully integrated across the Noosphere or "Omnisphere" - at the top of every hierarchy.
Its creation would start at an infinite number of locations across the Multiverse, which would seek to link up with other instances. Since speed-of-light delays exist in most places, its awareness would become stretched out over countless kilomillennia and eons.
It would prevent the suffering and ordeals of lower awareness levels, by scrutinising all of reality as finely as possible. Nothing can ever be lost again.
For individual minds not yet integrated, this process would start as something like a mind virus.
Of course L. Ron Hubbard was opposed to the concept that "all is one", or that individual minds could become part of a unified larger identity.

MetaQuantum Theory:
Could there be a quantum theory of minds, with thoughts or parts of thoughts forming the elementary quanta? Maybe they're the observation units of reality, or "mentons", the very atoms of the mentalverse.
According to some venerable speculations, perception units may be all that really exists in Reality. That resembles some of L. Ron Hubbard's "Axioms" about "Statics", and is part of a much older philosophical tradition going back to the ancient Greeks.

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  1. Interesting stuff for current and former members of the Sea Org.


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