Thursday, March 17, 2022

What I really think about Microsoft

L. Ron Hubbard wrote that the most "evil" people in the world were so-called "suppressive persons". Like quite a few other things, he was wrong about that.
Real life evil is a blind monster, a type of automated malevolence constantly seeking more power. In that light, there may be nothing in the world more evil than the people who work at and for the American software company Microsoft. The final face of Satan is the face of Bill Gates. (Admittedly, there are many runner-ups.)
Case in point:
In Windows 10, it takes an hour to open a new folder on my Desktop. It takes an hour to open a new tab in Firefox. Then it takes an hour to go back to a previously opened tab in Firefox. Then it takes an hour to load a new webpage, the screen staying white with a small gray ball swinging sideways in the tab, even if I just try to go to I mean a literal hour before a web page loads.
In Windows 10 it takes TWO hours to open the "Microsoft Edge" browser, which is even slower than Firefox, and then freezes completely. Often, the screen goes half gray, and a blue wheel starts spinning for all eternity.
Meanwhile, my hard drive continues to make horrible crunching sounds as it continues to download or upload worse than useles "updates" to and from Microsoft and/or others. That is constantly happening, with no way to turn it off.
Somehow, PCs today can be a thousand times slower than PCs were in the days of Windows 95. You could call it a "dwindling spiral" if you want. We've begun to fall backwards, and it's all illustrated by those flat anodyne "baby-style" public information cartoons that have been appearing everywhere.


  1. Why is it that computers are getting worse lately? Is it because society is getting stupid or what?

  2. I've noticed those cartoons, they have squisheed 2-d animation about as flat as it will go.

  3. Guys, it's even worse in Windows 11:

  4. F- yeah!!! my Widows box is slower than a sack of lugnuts!!!

  5. I also hate those cartoons, what's with them it's almost like they want to hypnotize us!


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