Friday, April 29, 2022

The Sea Org is in the news!

Local news article (comments not allowed there):

The Tampa Bay Times pioneered thorough coverage of Sea Org activities in the area within and surrounding the Flag Land Base and beyond. Most of the complaints in the legal filing happened in other Sea Org facilities.

90-page embedded PDF of the events and their background (comments allowed there):

(The complaint describes their main facility as the "Flag Base", not the "Flag Land Base", probably in the interest of brevity. is a website for a software product with no ties to Scientology. A Google search for "Flag Base" just turns up lots of flag stands.)

It shows that underage persons on our planet can be in big trouble with no way out, depending on where they find themselves. Slavery is a situational condition requiring multiple social control layers. The sexual abuse of minor and adult individuals by senior ranked officers happened within the Sea Org, with no evidence of celebrities having the opportunity to participate. For the Celebrity Centres, no repeat of the Prince Andrew scandal is expected, though his lawyer Andrew Brettler is involved in the related Danny Masterson rape lawsuit.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Sea Org related items.

On this site we don't spend much time criticizing the Sea Org. We focus on reporting about them instead. Our ire is mostly aimed at one of this world's real problems, as represented by the devils at Microsoft and similar outfits. But we don't want to pretend Ron's loyal officers are beyond reproach:

"Rock Slam: a cult novel (Eye of Needles Book 1)" by Sosumi Starr.
Explores severe personality damage as a result of prolonged cult involvement.

Donate to help permanently retired Sea Org members:

Ethics documents from the good old days of the Sea Org.
(Also, we want to know who are the Sea Org members Stacy and Julie, being held at Flag?

The core religious error.

If there is a God, such an entity would be infinitely unsympathetic to human concerns. It would fully understand all human feelings from every angle. Our moral problems and values would be mere mechanics to it.
Most possible minds WOULD worry somewhat about the condition of minds below them in the hierarchy of complexity, for the simple reason there would exist still higher minds, who might treat them the same way they treat lower ones.
However, there can be no higher mind than God. For that reason we should not expect the slightest sympathy from it.
This could provide the basis for a dark religion. The world is basically bad so God must be evil.

the Danny Masterson rape trials were monitored and influenced by Sea Org members

Specifically, the prosecution was closely monitored and the defense was influenced by high-level OSA (Office of Special Affairs) operatives,...