Friday, April 29, 2022

The Sea Org is in the news!

Local news article (comments not allowed there):

The Tampa Bay Times pioneered thorough coverage of Sea Org activities in the area within and surrounding the Flag Land Base and beyond. Most of the complaints in the legal filing happened in other Sea Org facilities.

90-page embedded PDF of the events and their background (comments allowed there):

(The complaint describes their main facility as the "Flag Base", not the "Flag Land Base", probably in the interest of brevity. is a website for a software product with no ties to Scientology. A Google search for "Flag Base" just turns up lots of flag stands.)

It shows that underage persons on our planet can be in big trouble with no way out, depending on where they find themselves. Slavery is a situational condition requiring multiple social control layers. The sexual abuse of minor and adult individuals by senior ranked officers happened within the Sea Org, with no evidence of celebrities having the opportunity to participate. For the Celebrity Centres, no repeat of the Prince Andrew scandal is expected, though his lawyer Andrew Brettler is involved in the related Danny Masterson rape lawsuit.


  1. I hope they get them this time!

  2. I'm thinking of joining the Sea Org.


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