Monday, May 22, 2023

The superhero sequel "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" recently came out.

The story is about a generic PG-13 battle against manufactured comic book "gods". We've already seen this story many times in corporate media output. They're all interchangeable.
(Maybe not to members of the Sea Org, who don't have much access to entertainment. It might reset their baseline pleasure levels, and reduce their value to the Exec Strata.)

What I want to know is, why not a movie featuring a fight against Allah?
It would have been so much more interesting. That story would HAVE to be fascinating.
L. Ron Hubbard would have loved it.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Finally, some progress in the field of computer intelligence?

In 1990, I believed the future would happen a LOT faster than it actually did.
I used to think a big change would come by the year 2000. Specifically, there would be some sort of intelligence breakthrough.
Instead of people getting dumber while computers became more powerful (but not smarter), I expected the world to begin to get its act together.
Pre-AI software would accomplish this by effectively increasing human intelligence. There had to be technical ways to make people and society become better organized. Perhaps an "automatic solution approximator" using recursive information sorting?
All of society would become brilliant at knowing what to do next, in the best way possible. There would be no more irrational behavior, or at least no behavior inconsistent with someone's immutable values and preferences.

In reality, it still hasn't started yet. We could be closer but we might not be.

the Danny Masterson rape trials were monitored and influenced by Sea Org members

Specifically, the prosecution was closely monitored and the defense was influenced by high-level OSA (Office of Special Affairs) operatives,...